Sodium acetate solution (water
Iron(II) fumarate(pharmaceutic
Iron(II) fumarate (feed grade)
Sodium acetate anhydrous(techn
Sodium acetate anhydrous (food
Sodium acetate anhydrous(pharm
Acetic acid,sodium salt trihyd
Acetic acid,sodium salt trihyd
Acetic acid,sodium salt trihyd
Garlic Oil (feed grade)
Garlic Oil (pharmaceutical gra
iron trihydroxide(technical gr
diisopropylammonium dichloroac
Garlic Oil (feed grade)
Standard: NY/T 1497-2007
Index: Content: ≥80% of labeled amount
Appearance: White fluid powder
Chloropropene: ≤ 0.5%
Drying Loss: ≤ 5%
Arsenic: ≤3mg/kg
Lead: ≤20mg/kg
Common Name: Garlic Oil (feed grade)
The Product: 'Zhongwang' garlic oil series feed additive is key and new product of Jiangsu province.
Properties: 1. Broad spectrum and high-efficient bacteriostasis.
2. Enhance appetite, promote growth, increase the utilization rate of feed.
3. Increase immunity of livestocks, improve organism metabolism, improve immune function.
4. Enhance survival rate of chick and ducklings.
5. The best disinfectant for poultry house and fishpond.
6. Has preservative and fresh-keeping and other functions.
7. No side effect.
Dosage/ton: (10%) poultry 80-600 pig and cow 80-800 fish and shrimp 100-1000
(25%) poultry 30-150 pig and cow 30-300 fish and shrimp 40-400
Use: Feed grade additive
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